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Captain Nati de Jager

  Unit 19 Operational /

"As you grieve know that we are remembering you,
and honoring the memory of Nati."

"Fire in my lungs, and my camoe clinging to my body, you would have to use a metal scraper to remove it from my skin.
My cover, was no guarantee against death, but for now as I grasped for air, it was my only short comfort.

... the shots, and the Sergeant shouting - Kry die (censored)! - (Get the SOB)
Many years after that I was asked why?
My answer remains constant - He is my brother, we move as one against the tyrant called the Death Angel. A Tyrant unmoved by politics, hate, or any personal believes, but a Tyrant going for a world where men hate each other.

In all of that chaos, I felt the presence... I felt the presence of a Higher Being - and although through all of this I was questioning life on earth... the only constant Northern Star was that of my Brother leading the way My Brother - Nati

- Sgt. Mark Janse van Rensburg - Eenheid 19 "Voet Soldatjie" (Foot soldier - U19)


(on behalf of Glenda via facebook)-

To all Nati's dear and special friends.

Unfortunately Nati committed suicide on Monday 17 February. Today (2014-02-21) we had his funeral.

I have had no way to contact anyone to let them know, as all his stuff was with him at his dad's in Witbank where he has been staying so that he could have 24hr help and assistance, as he has been very very ill. I only got his stuff back today. So am able to contact some of his lifelong special friends through his Facebook this way only....

Over the last year Nati had two strokes, developed epilepsy from which he was having seizures all the time and landing in ICU, he had developed hyponatreamia, which was from a pituitary problem, he had severe rheumatoid arthritis for which he had undergone 13 operations to attempt to regain use of his hands. And he was diagnosed with C.O.P.D.

He was the strongest and bravest person Taegen and I have ever known. He was Taegy's hero. We will forever be proud of him for the fight he fought and for being the best husband and father we could ever have asked for. We love you so much Nats. And miss you more than words can say.

Love Glenda

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U19 registered members remarks about - Captain Nati de Jager - RIP 2014-02-17:
w Rus in vrede Nati, jou stryd is nou verby.

Edwin Conroy
2014-02-24 07:39:52

U19 registered members remarks about - Captain Nati de Jager - RIP 2014-02-17:
w Rus in vrede my maat, jy het 'n moeilike en harde stryd geveg.

JP Prinsloo
2014-02-24 08:36:49




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