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Constable Quinton Welman

  Batallion 2 / 06364471

"As you grieve know that we are remembering you,
and honoring the memory of Quinton ."

"Fire in my lungs, and my camoe clinging to my body, you would have to use a metal scraper to remove it from my skin.
My cover, was no guarantee against death, but for now as I grasped for air, it was my only short comfort.

... the shots, and the Sergeant shouting - Kry die (censored)! - (Get the SOB)
Many years after that I was asked why?
My answer remains constant - He is my brother, we move as one against the tyrant called the Death Angel. A Tyrant unmoved by politics, hate, or any personal believes, but a Tyrant going for a world where men hate each other.

In all of that chaos, I felt the presence... I felt the presence of a Higher Being - and although through all of this I was questioning life on earth... the only constant Northern Star was that of my Brother leading the way My Brother - Quinton

- Sgt. Mark Janse van Rensburg - Eenheid 19 "Voet Soldatjie" (Foot soldier - U19)


My Brother was beaten to death

by Quinton Welman Foundation on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 9:36pm

On July 24, 2010, @ 4am, my eldest brother, Quinton Welman, was brutally murdered while on duty. Quinton was 41yrs old, an ex cop and was murdered at Table Bay Harbour, Cape Town, by one of his colleagues who is of Angolan Nationality.


He was beaten to death with a baton while two of his other colleagues who stood helplessly by watching blow by blow as Quinton's head and back was continuesly struck. Quinton''s warm blood covered his murderous face, hands and clothing.


Quinton had only been employed for 25days by a well-known securtiy company.


Growing up on the Cape Flats, Quinton was no angel but has he grew older he changed his ways. He got married to his long-time girlfriend Faieka,  the mother of his three sons- Michea l(7), Jesse (5) and Luke (2). They live in Tafelsig, Mithell's Plain, in one of the goverment RDP Housing Project Homes. Quinton had such a big heart. Only after hearing about his murder, did my parents neighbours tell them how Quinton use too takel our food to give to the poor elderly neighbourhood ladies.


As a family we never got too hear about his good side.


In February 2009, our youngest brother Alexandre Welman suffered the same injuries as Quinton, after he was hit with a spade. Quinton refused to let him die on the street - he put Alexnader on the back of a small truck and took him to hospital. While Alexander survived, today he suffers from epilepsy.


Quinton was'nt so lucky. He died alone at the hands of a merciless man. His blood stained the tarmac so badly, that industrial chemicalshad to be used to clean the street.

 Quinton was a son, a brother, a husband and a father, who cared for everyone, especially children and elderly people. He could not stand to see people go hungry and decided to open a soup kitchen from his little home with the support of his wife, family and friends.


 In Quinton''s memory his wife and our parents still keep the soup kitchen running and feed more then 150 children and adults.


I wish you could come and see the children and feel what it is that he felt - giving money and donations is God-sent, but giving of your time is so much more special.

Quinton was his young families bread-winner. Who's going to take care of his three little sons? My heart aches for the young boys, they don't understand what happened. It has almost been a month already but they are still waiting for their daddy to come home.


The man who murdered Quinton will appear in the Cape Town Court.


Article written by Bernice Orgill, Quinton''s only sister.

Published in the Voice and also the People Magazine.

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