In memory of -

Sergeant Mark Vlok

  B-Company / 0423422-7

"As you grieve know that we are remembering you,
and honoring the memory of Mark."

"Fire in my lungs, and my camoe clinging to my body, you would have to use a metal scraper to remove it from my skin.
My cover, was no guarantee against death, but for now as I grasped for air, it was my only short comfort.

... the shots, and the Sergeant shouting - Kry die (censored)! - (Get the SOB)
Many years after that I was asked why?
My answer remains constant - He is my brother, we move as one against the tyrant called the Death Angel. A Tyrant unmoved by politics, hate, or any personal believes, but a Tyrant going for a world where men hate each other.

In all of that chaos, I felt the presence... I felt the presence of a Higher Being - and although through all of this I was questioning life on earth... the only constant Northern Star was that of my Brother leading the way My Brother - Mark

- Sgt. Mark Janse van Rensburg - Eenheid 19 "Voet Soldatjie" (Foot soldier - U19)


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w RIV ou maat. Ek het n ruk lank saam met jou gewerk by die opskamer by die eenheid toe ek nog n kst was. Jy was n unieke mens en ek sal nooit vergeet toe ons gaan pool speel het nie een aand, geeindig in polisistasie waar jy vb opgeskeur het. Ook hoe ons vir die 2 DPs, Van en Priester ingelyf het.

Francois Leander Vos
2011-12-05 14:25:41




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