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Superintendent Jacob Blom (Taakmag)

  After 1997 /

"As you grieve know that we are remembering you,
and honoring the memory of Jacob ."

"Fire in my lungs, and my camoe clinging to my body, you would have to use a metal scraper to remove it from my skin.
My cover, was no guarantee against death, but for now as I grasped for air, it was my only short comfort.

... the shots, and the Sergeant shouting - Kry die (censored)! - (Get the SOB)
Many years after that I was asked why?
My answer remains constant - He is my brother, we move as one against the tyrant called the Death Angel. A Tyrant unmoved by politics, hate, or any personal believes, but a Tyrant going for a world where men hate each other.

In all of that chaos, I felt the presence... I felt the presence of a Higher Being - and although through all of this I was questioning life on earth... the only constant Northern Star was that of my Brother leading the way My Brother - Jacob

- Sgt. Mark Janse van Rensburg - Eenheid 19 "Voet Soldatjie" (Foot soldier - U19)


" Blommies" worked with our unit members in 1986 KwaNdebele (Marble Hall).
He was also involved in the training of Unit 19 members in the early 1980's

Pretoria : 2006-07-26
The South African Police Service is deeply saddened at the tragic and sudden death of the Commander of the Pretoria Special Task Force unit, Senior Superintendent Jacob Blom, 49 years.
“Blommie”, as he was affectionately known by colleagues, had been a member of the South African Police Service for thirty years, twenty-six of which he served as a pioneering member of the police’s elite Special Task Force. He had been in command of the Pretoria unit since June 2003.
Yesterday, Tuesday 25 July 2006, a parachuting accident happened during routine training exercises in Nylstroom. Senior Superintendent Blom, seriously injured, was transported to a Johannesburg hospital where he died of his injuries. A thorough investigation into all circumstances surrounding the incident has been launched.
Senior Superintendent Blom was a model policeman, an officer and a gentleman. As the National Commissioner, Commissioner Jackie Selebi, stated in a note to all Special Task Force Units this morning, “I will always remember Blommie as a fine, brave officer who led his men from the front and in an exemplary manner”.
We would like to offer our most sincere condolences to his wife Moira, his son Adrian and his daughters Marguerite and Colleen. He was loved and respected by all who knew him and he will be sorely missed.
Director Sally de Beer

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w Deur jou kennis, en opleiding is baie van ons vandag nog lewend. Rus in vrede Grootte.

Mark van Rensburg
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