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Our Reunion in 2011 Pretoria
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Editor "Cartoons"
- Alexandra 1992

Unit 19 is a part of my life that I will never forget .

In 2011 I made ​a decision to design our Unit 19 web site. I felt an overwhelming fear that my brothers and sisters have forgotten the indescribable role they played in the history of South Africa. It seemed as if most just decided to humbly move on , and a past rather forgotten .

Let me make it clear without your force number and the U19 badge , where would SA have been today? Democracy won, and brave men pre-apartheid presented as the evil of yesterday? THIS unfairly branded to the most bravest men in the world. By now, I have stopped persuading the sheep as to the contrary, but...

YOU Unit 19 , lift up your head thrust out your chest because without you SA would not have had the chance to draw crosses on a ballet paper.

YOU U19 , if you get embarrassed about things that rather forgotten, remember your enemy of yesterday still parades as an angel with the whitest of wings.

Make no mistake that they are the only ones that feel that way , and any person with common sense knows the contrary . More so we that were there.

You U19 , never look at yourself as just another unit in the apartheid era .

Your rat pack rum and raisen to the runny nose child . Your hard blows to the drunk with violence in his heart. Your pat on the back to the man who almost where chopped up with a machete, his hands still shaking with tears freely falling from his cheeks . You and your companion alone against a group of 50 , persuading them to turn with their AK's, grenades, machetes , axes and spears . You soldier against a mob who may at any moment kill you, and others. Your shoulders shaking in the dark of 2 x2 barracks room , and faint crying sounds. A world that judge , and you possible putting on green boots for the last time.

You E19 , humble against big names like Koevoet , Bataljon33 , Rekkies . Why ? ?

Our memorial wall tells a different story . The faithful , blood have set me free .

Blood on our wall , with voices from the other side shouting.

"My comrade , lift up your head thrust out your chest YOU ARE UNIT 19 ! "

You E19 that moved on - why are you staring in the distance.

It's a camaraderie unchallenged , it 's a sunrise beautiful than any other , it's a lifestyle cultivated from a past where death was at every turn ... and you U19 survived .

TAKE IT , smell it , enjoy it , spice it up with the flavors of your supposedly moved on life ... and in addition just enjoy it my U19 brother and suster because YOU deserve it . NEVER EVER let someone else tell otherwise .

U19 forever.

Mark Janse van Rensburg
Sarg. U19 - 0442533-4
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