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Death by Dunlop
(By Barend Buitekamer)
- free publish media

(I served in Unit 19 from roughly 1987 to 1990. It was the hardest years of my life and, besides the intense training and unequaled sense of brotherhood, I don’t willingly want to revisit the horror of some of the incidents I experienced during States of Emergency. To this day however, I unwillingly relive events far beyond the range of usual human experience… in my dreams. I don’t always remember these dreams, but I remember the indescribable panic of being trapped in a nightmare within a nightmare from which there is seemingly no escape… except insanity or death.
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BOOK: War in Peace (2012)
Nick Howarth (Unit 6)
- Galago Publishers

"No matter the cause, for the riot policemen on the ground it was a hell on earth They were given the task of curbing the violence which entailed putting their bodies in the line of fire, loading many hundred corpses for the morgues and placing their own family lives on the sacrificial altar of duty. They were the only barrier between peace and all-out civil war. They were shot at , spat at, blamed, maimed, killed, divorced and driven crazy by being exposed to the horror reality of non-stop violence."

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Servamus Magazine - Phola Park
(Supplied by Nick Howarth Unit 6)
Article on display South African museum
Published August 1992

If the scenario, which took place on a recent tour of Phola Park, sounds unreal, then think again!... read article

When the Going gets Tough
(Supplied by Rui Baretto)
Published TBA



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