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  • Although this site was created ONLY for old Unit 19 members, other members that have worked with Unit 19 members in the past may also join.
    Unit 19 members use to work with a large sector of other SAPS units like The Task Force, Riot Units, Flying Squad, Dog units, and many more.


  • Please take note that that the creation, maintenance and support for this site cost money, and I only ask a donation upon registration, and once a year.


  • The site in it self will only grow within time, and I am sure that this site will become a LARGE Database for capturing the history of Unit 19 members.
    It is important that we remember and pay tribute to those who came, and fell during a course of time when the country was almost burning to the ground.
    This is YOUR site to say you where there!


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  • Huis Potgieter (Sunnyside)
  • Devon

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"I went left, and my friend went right. BLAAR had his way - make eye contact, do not make eye contact? (lol) For months I did not see my friends smile until one morning in the Rosslynne hanger... " - Mark van Rensburg (Cartoons)

As Unit 19 members we were deployed in several directions. In order to capture the events regarding trips please tell us the trips you made. We only require a month and year the trip started, commanding officer if you remember.






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